Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Repurposed Can Lid

The JustRite Challenge this week was to repurpose a household item into something else.  I was opening a can of tomato paste, but any can lid would do.  Using my cricut I cut paper circles to fit inside the inner rim of the lid. I cut a second circle and then a third just the size of the JustRite stamp.  I then filled the lid with Crystal Effects and outlined the rim with stickle.  Now comes the uh oh part.  After the Crystal Effects had dried for a couple of days and the image was clear, I wanted to glue a piece of sparkly ribbon to the back.  To ensure contact between the lid and the ribbon I placed my JustRite block on the lid.  In the morning I went to remove the block and it was stuck!  OH NO!  What to do?  I took my heat gun and working carefully heated and gently removed the stuck surface.  It wasn't smooth anymore ...  so sad!.  Turn lemons into lemonade?  I took the heat gun and  reheated the surface.  Little bubbles formed and now it looks iced!  But terribly hard to get a good picture....sorry.  Anyway, reusing a can lid opens up all sorts of possibilities....I will use this one as a Tag....stamping To:/From on the back, but it could be turned into a magnet by gluing a magnet disc on the back, or an ornament, or......


  1. your little guy looks like he is buried underneath the ice. A cute idea. TFS

  2. Sometimes the best laid plans just go awry, huh, Lynn? Hate it when that happens after spending sooo much time on a project -- looks like you've managed to make it work though!!!

  3. Well, even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned I still think it turned out GREAT!! Love the "iced" look.


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