Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When Joan's Garden's challenge this week identified recycling a round container, I almost (but not quite passed)...round container?? hmmmm.  Then reading Selma's blog I had an oh my goodness moment...I had in the refrigerator a Laughing Cow cheese container.  After dumping the cheese, I brought the empty container to my craft table and contemplated.  Flowers and Lace.  So first I painted the outside of the container a silvery color (I used Luna Lights paint), then I banded it with a piece of black cording.  I traced a Spellbinders circle on a piece of glossy black cardstock (which had been highlighted with Luna Lights paint - purple, silver etc) and cut it out.  Happiness! it just fit the inside of the lid.  Next I took some floral "pebbles" (like Dewdrops) and glued them around the edge.  Lace....flower.... so I took a length of lace and wound it into a flower...glued it down, then decorated with small premade flowers.  Guess what I am now storing in this container?  Nope, punched out butterflies actually.  I'm not going to throw those Laughing Cow containers away anymore!! 


  1. Love your post Lynn. Isn't it funny how those little boxes can become something really useful. Your new box is gorgeous. I really like how you added the Dewdrops around the edge. Thanks for deciding to join us in our challenge this week at Joan's Gardens.

  2. Lynn, your box is gorgeous. You did a great job on it. Beautiful!
    Thanks so much for joining us at Joan's Gardens for our weekly challenge.


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