Wednesday, October 27, 2010

**********************A Recipe to De-Light You

This week -041  JustRite challenge this week is to welcome the holidays with a favorite family recipe.  Oh my, so many yummy things to eat!  But, as I thought and thought of which recipe to choose,  I realized that some of my most favorite "recipes" are not for edible items, but for things that embrace the spirit of the holidays.  So, I added my own personal twist to this week's contest to include a family recipe that was handed down from Grandmother, to Mother, to Daughter.  This whipped candle recipe has been used to provide table centerpieces for Thanksgiving, and provide provide teacher and hostess gifts throughtout the holiday season.  This candle is decorated with Imaginisce flowers and pearls. I made a gift card using Just Rite Christmas Stamp Ensemble, May Arts Ribbon, Cuttlebug embossing folder, and Spellbinders dies.  Packaged in a decorated box that  includes the Recipe for making the candle the gift is ready to give.  Look closely, the recipe card is decorated with Stickles and Robins Nest Dew Drop. 
 The wonderful thing about this recipe, is that it keeps providing joy for several years!

Whipped Candle

Candle Wax (I use blocks of paraffin)
Candle Wicking – about 3 inches longer than carton height
1 quart empty, cleaned waxed milk/cream carton (or similar) top cut off
2 lb. empty, cleaned coffee can (or similar)
Pencil (or similar)
“Old” electric mixer
Misc. embellishments

PerparationPoke tiny hole in bottom of carton. Thread wicking through hole to a 1 inch length. Tape it down. Roll other end of wick around pencil and lay it across open end of carton.

Place wax in coffee can set in a pan with a few inches of water. Melt wax at low heat, making sure there continues to be water in the pan. Pour a tiny amount of melted wax into the carton – enough to seal the hold around the wick. When that wax has cooled, pour melted wax into carton until carton is about 2/3 full. Let set until hard (overnight). Remove waxed carton and place candle on a prepared work surface. (newspaper, oilcloth, etc). The next step is messy!

Candle Covering
Add more wax to coffee can and melt. Let cool slightly. Take electric mixer and beat wax. (when wax has cooled sufficiently it will form a frothy foam). With spoon “slop” the frothed wax on the candle. While it is still warm, sprinkle the candle with chosen color(s) of glitter. Other embellishments can be added later with pins or glue.

Light the candle and enjoy the flickering glow. Use normal safety precautions.


  1. Perfect gift and love the presentation.

  2. Very nice idea! What a great tradition!?! Love the colors!!

  3. What a fabulous gift and beautiful presentation!!!


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