Saturday, June 18, 2011

............."recycled" New Happy Birthday

 There was "something" about the tile card I made several weeks ago that just didn't please me.  Naturally I decided to tweak it/fix it.   Only the "tile" remains after the teardown/salvage.  This is the new design.  Using Just Rite stamps and May Arts Ribbon, some FlowerSoft gold braid, Art Institute glitter, and a bit of bling and a couple sheets of cardstock were items used.    I first stamped/embossed  the Just Rite flower image on a piece of cardstock, then cut it into 9 one inch squares.  A tiny just rite stamp was used to create a "background" around the floral image.  Glitter was applied and squares were reassembled to form the whole flower.  Adding a bit of this and that, making the ribbon rose, and voila, the card came together.

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